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study abroad in Belgium - Grand place in Brussels

Nowadays, a lot of students decide to go on an international adventure and spend a semester or a year in a country of their choosing. As an event- & project management student, currently studying in Ghent, I would love to give you some insights as to why international students should study abroad in Belgium.

5 reasons to study abroad in Belgium

1. Nightlife

Ghent is the perfect place to go out and make some great memories. There are thousands of students going out every night of the week which creates a lively atmosphere. The most well-known place to party is a street called Overpoort, often referred to as Toverpoort. It’s a street with around 35 clubs and bars where you can party until the early hours. But you can also visit de Graslei or de Korenmarkt for an unforgettable night with friends.

2. Food & beer

Belgium is most well-known for chocolate and pralines, speculoos, Belgian fries, waffles, and beer (lots of beer 🍻). They might not be the healthiest foods, but they sure are delicious!

A must-try when studying abroad in Belgium (Ghent) is the infamous Julientje. The dish is very popular among students and is also a great snack on a night out! It consists of fries with meat stew and a Viandell (frituur snack). Finished with some mayonnaise, special spices, and dried onions. It may look weird and it may sound gross, but it tastes like absolute heaven.

3. Scenery & tourism

Belgium itself has some very beautiful and diverse places you can visit. From windy beaches and lively forests to medieval cities and international hotspots. Some must-visit places in Belgium are Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges. Here are 14 tourist attractions and things to do in Brussels.

Belgium is also the perfect place to stay if you want to see more of Europe. There is a reason the “capital of the Europe” is Brussels. From Belgium, you can easily travel to other popular cities and countries such as The Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), UK (London), etc.

4. Languages

If you are interested in learning a new language you should definitely come to study abroad in Belgium. The three main languages are Dutch, French, and German, and mostly everybody who lives here also speaks English. As an international student, this will come very handy when asking for information or just talking to people in general.

5. Public transport

Although the public transport here can be quite expensive, it is very throughout. We have busses all over the country (even in the smallest towns). In bigger cities like Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, etc. we also have subways. To move fast from city to city you can use the train.


Belgium may not be on the top of your list when thinking about studying abroad, but be sure to give it a chance! Especially for international students who like partying, food, and culture.
If you are planning on coming to study abroad in Belgium, here are some hotspots for students in Ghent.

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